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So, you wanna get to know me, huh?

Let me put down this cookie real quick. Okay.

HELLO! Welcome to That’s Natalie- a blog founded and written by me- Natalie! That’s Natalie is designed to inspire and motivate women to overcome mental illness, and live a positive, prosperous life!

Before I cover all the juicy details about my blog, I would like to share with you some facts about myself.

I am a twenty-something woman inspiring to become a full-time lifestyle blogger. The wedding bells rang for my husband, Timmy, and I over eight years ago. The queen of the house is our cat, Baby. I’ve been serving her for nine years now.

I dabble in an array of creative hobbies, such as, photography, writing, watercolor painting, and interior design to keep myself busy.

Confession time!

I have something to share with you. It’s a little personal, but here goes. Over two years ago, I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder, anxiety, and insomnia. Shocking, I know. The first year was mentally and physically exhausting because I didn’t know how to cope or control my situation and emotions.

Many times I just wanted to give up on life. Nothing seemed to be going right for me, and I was journeying down a miserable path.

Is there a happy ending to this?” Yes, just wait.

After wasting over a year of my life hiding in bed, throwing away good opportunities, and missing out on fun outings with family and friends, I decided- that was it!

Through countless hours of research, I learned how to manage my moods, emotions and thought patterns. I am able to control my anxieties, reduce life’s stresses, and I can finally get some sleep at night.

Although, it has taken a lot of patience and initiation, I can ensure you that it is very much possible to live a positive, and prosperous life. That’s why I wanted to start That’s Natalie blog. I want to share with you my experiences, my knowledge, and advice on how to live again despite a mental illness diagnosis.

Positive Mind, Positive Life!

Enough about me, I want to talk about you…

Is it hard for you to manage all the pesky stress in your life? Are you boggled down with the weight of anxiety on your shoulders? Is depression ruining your hopes and dreams?

Well, you have come to the perfect place!

Here at That’s Natalie, I want to help you. First, by being your bestest friend ever! Together we can create a plan to relieve your stress and anxiety, find fun, positive coping outlets to help you defeat depression and negative habits, gain control of your life, and so much more!

I want to make your life easier! In my blog, you will find tips, tricks, secrets, and guides on how to live a better life without being dragged down by stress and anxiety. You will learn how to defeat depression right in its tracks.

That’s Natalie is a platform that you can share your experiences without feeling hesitant or scared, a happy place where you can become a better YOU, and make some amazing friends in the meanwhile.

Are you ready to conquer?

I can’t wait to start this journey with you! However, to ensure you see all of my amazing tips and guides to live a better life without anxiety, depression, or stress, please make sure you sign up to receive email updates on all of my upcoming posts!

In exchange, I promise not to send you spam, I’ll ensure the upmost privacy protection, and I’ll even throw in a nice, warm virtual hug! -Natalie

P.S. I really love cheese, so if you have any melty, ooey-gooey, delicious cheese recipes, send them my way!








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